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Great singers, some who might be joined in by a bit of instrumentation, but essentially pure voice.

From England, THE KING'S SINGERS - who bring their gift for nuance to the Beach Boys, the Beatles, and the 16th century greats.

From Tuva - two singing groups of throat singers, one male, CHIRGILCHIN,  one female, "The Daughters of Tuva" - TYVA KYZA.  They each sing of romance and horses and wind-swept steppes. There will be Russian spoken and translated.

From Louisiana - THE MAGNOLIA SISTERS who sing of the women's life

From San Francisco - CHANTICLEER who sing from Peter Schickele's comic mini-masterpiece, "Go for Broke," the story of a loterry winner and his new-found pals.

And we dedicate today's show to the Boeing 747, the elegant piece of flying architecture which carried so many of us to and from radio shows, vacations, business trips, family visits.  The last domestic airline 747 was retired to the desert a couple of weeks ago.  The 747 is still used by some international airlines, cargo lines, and as Air Force 1.
The 787 is a magnificent plane.  Will it be as storied and romantic as the vision of the 747 with its loft-space upper deck?  Who knows.  A tribute to human ingenuity and the laws of physics.

And for more about KEPLER'S DREAM, available for streaming starting 26 January.



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Join us at the SF Ferry Building for two hours of conversation, music & play. Stay tuned for guests.