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A winter special featuring:

THE EASY LEAVES, Sonoma County's fresh acoustic folk band (a segment fresh from last week, never aired!)

GARY SNYDER, mountain-man, poet, author of Mountains and Rivers Without End.

THE CHRISTMAS JUG BAND featuring Dan Hicks, with traditional jolly Holiday fare.

PETER ROWAN and the Rowan Brothers' Reggaebilly Christmas Band.

KARL & CARL comedians bring us their Tips On Travel for the Holiday Season.

JOHN WESLEY HARDING brings us a humorous musical take on the season.

ILEEN WEISS, featuring songs from her recording A Weiss Christmas.

NEW CENTURY CHAMBER ORCHESTRA adds their timeless festive flair. And More!

From May 5, 2001, when Sedge welcomed:

P.D. JAMES, (Aug 3, 1920 – Nov 27, 2014) aka “the Queen of Crime”, British mystery author of 18 complex crime novels including the Inspector Adam Dalgliesh stories and Death in Holy Orders

DORIS HADDOCK, (Jan 24, 1910 – Mar 9, 2010) political activist who walked across the continental United States at age 90 to advocate for campaign finance reform. Author of Granny D: Walking Across America in My 90th Year.

ALASDAIR FRASER, Renowned fiddler and his crew of Scottish musical anarchists.

GINI WILSON as house pianist.

Tune in for a special encore presentation. And join us next week live from the Healdsburg SHED!

Live from the Healdsburg SHED in Sonoma County. Tickets for this show are sold out. Sedge welcomes:

DALE DOUGHERTY, the man behind Make Magazine and Maker Faire, serving as a catalyst for the worldwide Maker Movement that is transforming innovation in industry and hands-on learning in education.

WILL DURST comedian "for people who read or know someone who does" will give us a taste of his annual Big Fat Year End Kiss Off Comedy Show, including the Top Ten Comedic News Stories of 2014.

CHARLIE MUSSELWHITE, legendary electric blues harmonica player who emerged from the Mississippi Delta to worldwide acclaim in the early 1960s.

THE EASY LEAVES, Sonoma County's fresh acoustic folk band stops in before their Winter Western Formal at the Great American Music Hall January 3rd.

MIKE GREENSILL, piano-man... and more!

Live from Sonoma County! Join us at the Healdsburg SHED, a market, cafe, and community gathering space at 25 North Street in Healdsburg. Tickets for this show are sold out. Sedge welcomes:

DEBORAH KOONS GARCIA, filmmaker of renowned documentary The Future of Food, here with her new film Symphony of the Soil, exploring the complex and dynamic resource below our feet.

STUART ROJSTACZER, the geophysicist-turned-fiction-writer-and-musician with his delightful debut novel The Mathematician's Shiva, about family dynamics, the immigrant experience and the elegance of mathematics.

CLAIRE PEASLEE, naturalist from Point Reyes brings us a preview of the winter solstice.

DAVID LUNING and his band bring us insight and musicianship well beyond their years, blurring the lines of Americana, Country, Rock and Blues.

MIKE GREENSILL Bay Area composer who we're lucky to call our house pianist...and more!

Napa Thanksgiving Special! Bring the whole family to Silo's at 530 Main Street in downtown Napa. Sedge welcomes:



illustrator, designer, and printmaker, notably of Chez Panisse menus and cookbooks.



pint-sized chefs Lilly and Audrey bring us their new cookbook We Heart Cooking: Totally Tasty Food For Kids.



our itinerant comedians bring us a holiday edition of their hilarious Tips On Travel.



San Francisco's Indie songstress and her band bring us their dreamy and refreshing blend of vocals and strings.



jazz and cabaret maestros, veterans of the Silo's stage.


Join us live from Silo's at 530 Main Street in downtown Napa! Sedge welcomes:

CARINE McCANDLESS finally speaks out about what really drove her legendary brother Christopher "Into The Wild" in her new memoir The Wild Truth.

ERIK TARLOFF, author of the national bestseller Face-Time, here with his new novel All Our Yesterdays, following a small group of Berkeley friends and lovers from 1968 to present.

RACHEL SAUNDERS, proprietor of Blue Chair Fruit and author of Blue Chair Cooks with Jam & Mamalade brings us some foodie wisdom for the holiday season.

THE LADY CROONERS, a trio of siblings and their band bring us their raucous, sophisticated, down-home music.

MIKE GREENSILL, veteran of the Silo's piano...And More!


An encore presentation from 2006, when Sedge welcomed:

HARRY SHEARER, actor, comedian, voice artist, known for his long-running roles on The Simpsons, the comedy band Spinal Tap and his radio program Le Show.

RAMBLIN' JACK ELLIOTT, one of America's legendary foundations of folk music, with over 40 albums under his belt.

THE KITCHEN SISTERS Davia Nelson & Nikki Silva, radio producers of the award-winning Hidden Kitchens series.

JAMES CROMWELL, actor in such notable films as LA Confidential and The Artist, and narrator of the documentary King Leopold's Ghost.

ADAM HOCHSCHILD, author of King Leopold's Ghost, tracing the legacy of the Congo's colonial past on the nation's present-day travails.

And of course MIKE GREENSILL, pianoman.


Journey with us to the Stage Door Theater, Mt. Shasta, CA, 2008, as Sedge welcomes: