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Who are we in this year of stronger-than-whatever-redux-make-us-together-greater-they-all-want-to-get-into-that-big-beautiful-house-how-did-we-get-here sloganeering.  This election season women and men citizenry have been degraded when often it's blessedly only the candidates degrading themselves.  It's time to bathe in the fresh water of the Merced River and breathe cool clean mountain air and discover ourselves again in a national park -- one of our nation's great treasures -- so come with us today to Yosemite National Park to find Our Better Selves.....  SEDGE welcomes:  

JESSE COLIN YOUNG, songwriter and lead singer of the popular group The Youngbloods in the 1960s. Everbody Get Together, Try to Love One Another Right Now... A spirit from another time.  He'll sing Love is but a song to sing, Fear's the way we die, you can make the mountains ring --- as we look at Half Dome in the Sierra.

CHRIS SMITHER, folk/blues singer and guitarist whose music draws deeply from blues, folk, modern poets and philosophers.

ROSS HANNA, the late grandson of John Muir who helped sustain the legacy of his grandfather (October 1922 - June 2014).

PHIL FRANK, the late great cartoonist who created Farley (March 1943 – September 2007).

GERRY BLOCH, oldest person to climb El Capitan, at age 81, and his guide MIKE CORBETT.

YVONNE GRANGER, Park Service Ranger.

TOM BOPP, Yosemite music historian and performer. 

MIKE GREENSILL, who hiked in a piano!

Two films - each dealing with light, matter, the stars, space travel and existential questions with wry insight.  One comes with light sabers, the other with horses and fish and peacocks.

Today, SEDGE opens up the movies, including the new Kepler's Dream.

STANLEY DONEN directed Charade, Singin' in the Rain, and many other favoritie moives.  Sedge talks to him about the art and challenges of directing.

CHARLES BURNETT makes films of pertinence to the African-American communities in LA, including Killer of Sheep.  They are beautiful studies in moving making.  He won a MacArthur for his film work.

MALCOLM McDOWELL has acted in some 130 films, from If.... and O Lucky Man to A Clockwork Orange and Star Trek.  His work with Lindsay Anderson and Stanley Kubrick and Robert Altman shaped him.  

And Sedge talks briefly about Kepler's Dream, the family movie he produced working with a cast and crew of some 130 women, men and children, based on the Y A novel of the same name by Juliet Bell.    Kepler's Dream opens in 11 cities this weekend, from December 1, including LA to New York, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Detroit, Seattle and nation-wide on InDemand and Fandango.  Sedge says it's like producing a live public radio show, but different.  



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