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Who are we in this year of stronger-than-whatever-redux-make-us-together-greater-they-all-want-to-get-into-that-big-beautiful-house-how-did-we-get-here sloganeering.  This election season women and men citizenry have been degraded when often it's blessedly only the candidates degrading themselves.  It's time to bathe in the fresh water of the Merced River and breathe cool clean mountain air and discover ourselves again in a national park -- one of our nation's great treasures -- so come with us today to Yosemite National Park to find Our Better Selves.....  SEDGE welcomes:  

JESSE COLIN YOUNG, songwriter and lead singer of the popular group The Youngbloods in the 1960s. Everbody Get Together, Try to Love One Another Right Now... A spirit from another time.  He'll sing Love is but a song to sing, Fear's the way we die, you can make the mountains ring --- as we look at Half Dome in the Sierra.

CHRIS SMITHER, folk/blues singer and guitarist whose music draws deeply from blues, folk, modern poets and philosophers.

ROSS HANNA, the late grandson of John Muir who helped sustain the legacy of his grandfather (October 1922 - June 2014).

PHIL FRANK, the late great cartoonist who created Farley (March 1943 – September 2007).

GERRY BLOCH, oldest person to climb El Capitan, at age 81, and his guide MIKE CORBETT.

YVONNE GRANGER, Park Service Ranger.

TOM BOPP, Yosemite music historian and performer. 

MIKE GREENSILL, who hiked in a piano!

SEDGE THOMSON presents our Pre-Exisiting Condition Show, insuring you good listening regardless of what Congress does, 
and welcomes guest-hosts CASE CONOVER & MIKE GREENSILL who in turn welcome:




with Headhunters on my Doorstep, recounting his hilarious misadventures island hopping in the South Pacific in the footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson after a stint in rehab.



the renowned Stanford technology guru with The Distraction Addiction: Getting the Information You Need and the Communication You Want, Without Enraging Your Family, Annoying Your Colleagues, and Destroying Your Soul.



explores the frontier between modern medicine and the natural world in Farmacology: What Innovative Family Farming Can Teach Us about Health and Healing.



the 30 member male a capella choir performing the songs of the legendary poet, novelist and singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen.




the South African-born, Colorado-based troubadour brings us the sweet sounds of his new album The Weatherman, telling stories of miles and landscapes, and the search for a sense of place.



the Bay Area's premier cabaret singer, performing with the Mike Greensill Trio at the new Society Cabaret September 4-15.

The Multi-Talented


our house pianist. And more, including your audience true stories...  we hope you'll join us!

Today -  Sedge feature conversations about mothers and motherhood (and fathers, as necessary to this...) with

MAYA ANGELOU, with her son GUY JOHNSON on motherhood, poetry, and becoming herself through red beans and rice, 


Image result for maya angelou

TILLIE OLSEN, on political demonstrations and writing and being a mother, and being in the SAT test.


Image result for Tell Me A Riddle Tillie

ANNE LAMOTT, with observations on her self as mother, 

Image result for anne lamott operating instructions


Image result for Ruth Reichl Not Mother

RUTH REICHL, about NOT becoming her mother and, 

MARILYN YALOM on the history of the breast.  

Image result for Marilyn Yalom breast

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With the chaos in our land, our gift to you is two hours of calming laughter, discussion and music inspired by Zen Buddhism 

  • Annie Somerville, Greens Executive Chef, author of the new "Everyday Greens: Home Cooking from Greens, the Celebrated Vegetarian Restaurant" and "Fields of Greens".
  • Scoop Nisker, a voice of counterculture radio in the Bay Area for 35 years, originally as a KSAN DJ, he is a Buddhist teacher and writer whose latest book is the generational retrospective "The Big Bang, the Buddha, and the Baby Boom".
  • Noah Levine, author of "Dharma Punx", in which he chronicles his own transformation from self-destructive punk rock rebel to Buddhist student, and the reasons he believes these two seemingly opposed worlds can coexist.
  • Fenton Johnson, author of "Keeping Faith: A Skeptics Journey" who was raised with Christian Trappist monks in the American South, abandoned organized religion, then began to reexamine faith through the Zen Center.
  • Norman Fischer, author of "Taking Our Places", is a Zen priest, teacher, poet, former abbot of San Francisco Zen Center, and founder of The Everyday Zen Foundation, an organization created to broaden the reach of engaged Buddhist practice.
  • David Chadwick, author of "Crooked Cucumber".
  • Wendy Johnson, organic gardener, fervent defender of the earth, and former head of the Zen Center's Green Gulch Farm.
  • Artist Mayumi Oda.
  • Cyril Pahinui whose spirit of aloha, musical intelligence, great ear, and killer chops make him one of Hawaii's most respected and beloved slack-key guitarists, and Patrick Landeza, one of the stars of a new generation of slack-key songwriters..
  • Music from piano player Mike Greensill.