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Today -- for the holiday - tide --

We hear from

PETER ROWAN, CHRIS ROWAN & LORIN ROWAN - their ragabilly Christmas blend of sibling revelry

HOLLY NEAR - a song for the times from the irridescent voice of Ukiah.

IAN SHOALES - his high-speed grinchness channels his inner scrooge, despite Merle Kessler's own benelovent impulses

DAN HICKS - with the Christmas Jug Band( still performing), the late, great Dan wonders about Santa in the yard, and what is special about rare AND annual

JIM MEREDITH & HIS SONOS BELLS - we hear a quartet with soprano, the whole kit and caboodle, and a collaboration with

FERENC DOBRANYI & POLLO DEL MAR - the surf band afraid of the ocean shreds some carols and colloraborates with the bells

PATRICK LANDEZA - brings us the Hawaiin sounds of Christmas with his "Mele Kalikimaka"


Mike Greensill and Sedge Thomson