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So much broke this week.  Leonard Cohen believed that's where the light gets it.  Or course, it can also leak out or we can see the darkness.  We now have untried people in office.  Yet we have the music of and poetry of Leonard Cohen that carries on, as for now, Obamacare, and a kind President for another 2.5 months, the likes of which I've not seen before in my lifetime.  

Today -- We remember Leonard Cohen, who died Thursday aged 82.  I heard him once in concert in London, with his band, and lovely swaying back-up singers, as he crooned deeply and intimately into his microphone.  He must have been 78 or so, and kept the show going strong for over four hours.

SYLVIE SIMMONS -- Biographer of Leonard Cohen

CONSPIRACY OF BEARDS -- The all-male chorus sings only Leonard Cohen and talk of what his words mean. 

To help those cope with indigestible news:
MARY ROACH - Author of GULP, the story of the Alimentary Canal and Digestion

And because many have thought of exploring other lands suddenly: 

NICHOLAS DE MONCHOUX - The Story of the Spacesuit -- its architecture, its materials, its hand-made bespoke style, its symbolism