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LISTEN to SEDGE's guests today on relationships, those problematic connections of our lives.  What do we know about ourselves and others?

Alain de Botton to curate an "anti-blockbuster" | Art | Agenda ...

ALAIN DE BOTTON - His new book, The Course of Love, is a novel, and an exegesis on relationships.  We speak with him overlooking his garden on a damp London day.  He says we always marry the wrong person.

JONATHAN RICHMAN - The singer songwriter who set the tone for There's Something About Mary with his theme song he sang throughout, and has his own music about relationships from the Modern Lovers, his band, to his solo career today.

PATRICIA MORRIS - Her Fifty Lessons on Love and Sex is the result of her own psychotherapeutic practice in London

VIRGINIA IRONSIDE - Comic writer and memoirist, for decades she was one of the UK's leading Agony Aunts, the Ann Landers sob sister of her day