This week, the northern California communities in the renowned Wine Country suffered great losses from fire.  Smoke and ash linger in the air for miles.  Of the nearly 2,000 homes destroyed, one was the home and studio of the creator of Peanuts. CHARLES SCHULZ.  He did much for the Santa Rosa community, including building the Redwood Empire Ice Rink, which is still standing and the ice being this week restored.  SEDGE talks with Charles "Sparky" Schulz in the autumn of 1996 in a theatre near his Santa Rosa home.  (He'd go anywhere in the world, as long as he could be home by noon.)

Many acres of agricultural land burned, barns vanished in seconds, carefully nutured gardens crisped instantly in the fire wave. ARRAN HARRIS features some songs about the farming life and the struggle get health care in his amusing Farm-Alt-Western sounds.

MIKE GREENSILL whose Napa home was threatend by fire, was able to find the one pub with room-temperature Guiness.