SEDGE talks with CELIA SACK, proprietor of the antiquarian and new cookbooks and her customers from around the U.S. and the world at Omnivore Books in San Francisco. 


This show is from Sedge's flâneur files.  Topics range from Syrian cooking to the trends through the centuries of how we cook.  We hear from customers, including Van, a man growing oyster mushrooms in his basement in Buffalo, NY, and his girlfriend Abigail, whose family runs a farm-to-table store there.  In San Francisco, they're looking for ideas and books to "export." Chefs stop by.  A food photographer.  It's a bustling hub built around volumes of ideas and directions on ways to make our daily need to eat pleasurable, companionable, and aesthetic.


It's hot.  It's Labor Day Weekend celebrated with barbecues and other kinds of cooking.  What better accompaniment for your day that time in Omnivore Books for an hour.