SEDGE celebrates the summer and the appeal of wide-open spaces and the language and food and life found in them as we commence our new series of one-hour broadcasts.  (New time in San Francisco, Saturdays 1PM, yet highly listenable all week via our website - just to the left -- on any internet-connected device you use.) 

DON EDWARDS, with a Cowboy song

GRETEL EHRLICH, poet, on her seven seasons in Greenland on the ice speaking Greenlandic and eating seal

KEN WALDMAN, Alaskan poet and fiddler 

SEDGE THOMSON on The Bluebloods of the vegetable world -- the Redwoods 

NORA MARKS DAUENHAUER, the acclaimed Juneau-based poet and translator of her native Tlingit language guides us through the language and the best way to cook salmon by the river. 

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