JOHN FOWLES - a rare visit from 1996 when the reclusive author left Lyme Regis and came to talk on West Coast Live.  The author of The French Lieutenant's Woman, The Magus, The Collector and many other books talks of his love of nature, detestation of cities, then necessity of learning to hunt and his revulsion by it, of the fossisls he foound and of the  love he enjoyed..

MARY GAITSKILL - noveist and short-story writr whose authentic, humorous and emotionally complx characters reveal a clear-eye take on we humans.

CLAIRE PEASLEE - Our naturalist has an ode to Spring and periodicity as we mark one of the holidays of rebirth.

THE NIELDS - The millenial sextet of rock and ameri-australia-cana light up the start of the show

SHANA MORRISON - the singer-songwriter is in with her band.  She's got great material, and chops she earned with her dad, Van.

JOHN SEBASTIAN - with his jug band, a custom tub to thump and the connetion between fol, rock n roll and current rap-pop.

MIKE GREENSILL - the non-gobsmackable pianist.