SEDGE THOMSON presents a two-level broacast from the Palace of the Legion of Honor Museum and Room X

A.S. BYATT -  in her droll and perceptive style about perceptions in art, musuems, and the magic of certain Djinn guides;

SIMON SINGH -- whose physics interests lead him in the political world of the 17th century mathematics and Fermat's Enigma, where how to solve a puzzle may be more important than the answer;

JOHN FENSTERMAKER - plays the Skinner Organ in Room X about the Florence Gould Theatre and we hear from the restorer

Tips on Travel with KARL and CARL - travelers with their own perceptions who know their Conde from their Nast;

WESLA WHITFIELD, MIKE GREENSILL, DEAN RILEY - The trio adds a new chorus to a song from Oklahoma!

and a surprise improv visit....