This week's show:

Explorers - Artists and Astronauts

Last week's Ghost Ship fire in which nearly 40 creative souls lost their lives has brought attention to the underground world of warehouse living and working in the artist community.  And in some cities a purge of artists has begun our of fear that this will happen elsewhere, despite decades of artists living and thriving in such spaces.

ZOË KEATING, cellist, talks about how her warehouse years made her the musician she is;

CASE CONOVER talks about his warehouse life in Oakland as a circus artist and graphic designer, and what he hopes will grow from this loss;

SEDGE THOMSON describes his warehouse experience in the early days of West Coast Live.  He also reads the closing paragraph is from "The Worst Journey in the World" by Apsley Cherry-Garrard.

Artists are explorers; another adventurer died this week: John Glenn.  He also risked in order to achieve,  and we hear about the design of space suits. Forgive us, we aired this interview a several weeks ago, yet it is delicious and timely.



The second hour features Mike Greensill, Uketide, The Sonos Handbell Ensemble, Nell Robinson and Jim NunallyJohn Wesley Harding, Ileen Weiss, George Kahumoku with his Hawaiian version of 12 days of Christmas, the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus, the Christmas Jug Band, and the West Coast Live Choir.