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This show, SEDGE gives thanks and talks with his guests about the connections we make through food, eating, and the communal tables of our shared experiences.

(Sedge and Alice in the downstairs kitchen at Chez Panisse)
MOLLY ONEILL, former food writer for NY Times, cookbook author and CALVIN TRILLIN of the New Yorker, top one another with hilarious answers to questions about food;
HAROLD MCGEE, the food scientist, on the chemistry of food and its cooking, why it behaves, and what is going on with those leftovers;
SEDGE takes us to the the waiters' briefing just before lunch upstairs at Chez Panisse with ALICE WATERS and chef CAL PETERNELL as they prep the waiters with the provenance of the meal;
SASHA MARTIN, author of memoir Life from Scratch on global cooking and families from 195 countries, and how food brought her family together;
NION MCEVOY on pressing olive oil from his ranch and his Evening Standard wine and his Chronicle Books;

STEVE SANDO, grower of heirloom beans, creator of the Gay Caballero hot sauce and the Rancho Gordo bean brand;
with musical interludes from PEPPINO D'AGOSTINO, THE T-SISTERS, and MIKE GREENSILL