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Their Nibs - Brilliant illustrators whose use of colour and line tells the story. A gesture is worth a thousand words. 

SEDGE talks with

SPAIN RODRIQUEZ - The late, great illustrator talks about his book on Che Guevara and his time with George Crumb;

DANIEL CLOWES - His graphic novels and comics- and stories - are a wonder, taking us to Ghostworld and looking into the eightball of existence ;

PATRICIA CURTAN - She's collaborated with ALICE WATERS on drawings of food and menus   - how does she draw a radish so you want to pick it up and dip it in salt;

MAIRA KALMAN - Her illustrations in her own and others' books are distinctive in style and lettering. Is it because she can see rooftops of Paris from her New York garret?

with interludes from Mike Greensill, Susan Werner, Gaucho and Los Centzoles  

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