SEDGE, who often finds humor in the unexpected, felt a hankering for some laughter this week. Shall we hear someone hoist themselves on their own petard and see who salutes?

KATE CLINTON -- the political comedian with her for-a-time singular lesbian point of view -- "No one else steals my material...."

JULIA SWEENEY -- God Said HA!  -  The actress and writer tells her real family chemotherapy story with unexpected hilarity.

MAL SHARPE -- The Man About Town regales us about COYLE & SHARPE -- What does it mean to plan open heart surgery in a station wagon? As a teen-ager, Sedge found Coyle and Sharpe unlike anything else on radio.

MO WILLEMS -- the original EL -- MO of Sesame Street is ready to perform stand-up for kids when he's taking a breather from writing his books.

LILY TOMLIN -- She and Jane Wagner search for signs of intelligent life in the universe -- whether it's show business or politics -- and boy are they hard to find on our planet this year!