Today, Tribal Relations and Passions, from the grand to the small, which give us verve, from the Grateful Dead, precursor to Burning Man, to Minature Golf, the Forever Tango Orchestra and Dancers from Argentina, some amazing Audience True Stories, improv with the legendary Pulp Playhouse (Barbara Scott, Regina Saisi, Paul Killiam), a mystery guest who aced parking awards, and a few surprising cameos.  

THE FORESVER TANGO ORCHESTRA, with bandoneons, and dancers

STEVE SILBERMAN, author Skeleteon Key - a Guide to the Grateful Dead (and recently, the acclaimed Neurotribe)

BOX SET -- Jim Brunberg and Jeff Pehrson with songs 

ANNE LAMOTT, on her book on writing and life, Bird by Bird -- Today she riffs on the passion of jealousy

PULP PLAYHOUSE improv with sentences from the audience in person and submitted on-line.

A Mystery Quiz Guest 

BONNIE LOYD, Urban Geographer, on Minature Golf and the history of those bewindwmilled courses

DIANE HIDY, our house pianist.