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Today's Certified Wisdom and Happiness show is about work -- finding it, inventing it, the purpose of it, and protecting it -- The great defining activity of we humans.  SEDGE THOMSON is joined by London-based author and interviewer, BLANCHE GIROUARD, for today's West Coast Live.  This summer West Coast Live is presenting periodic pop-up shows with in various places, today from Amy Murray's REVIVAL BAR & KITCHEN in Berkeley, CA.  We invited an audience in between meal times for coffee and conversation.  Look for more such pop ups, coming soon.

HASSAN EL TAYYAB, composer, author, and teacher. His road-memoir, Composing Temple Sunrise, takes us to the Black Rock Desert of Burning Man and a curious structure called "Fishbug."  Along the way, he learns about his own songwriting. He helps inner-city children find their own muses as he finds his.  We'll hear him play his songs both solo and with his group American Nomad.

Dr. MYRA STROBER - Pioneering economist, author of Sharing the Work: What my Family and Career Taught Me About Breaking Through (And Holding The Door Open for Others) - The Stanford professor's memoir takes us through a time of great change for working women in America via the story of her own life.

JOYCE SCOTT, author of Entwined, Sisters and Secrets in the Silent World of Artist Judith Scott. This is the story of twin sisters, one with Downs Syndrome, who were separated as young girls, and reunited 40 years later when Joyce reclaimed Judith from an institution and helped her become an internationally acclaimed artist. An inspirational and moving story of love and creativity.

DANIEL BACON, author of Frisco. His novel shows us how life and work on the San Francisco waterfront, and the great General Strike, reflected and shaped the City even as we know it today. Is the gig work economy of today so different from the day workers on the docks of the 1930s?  The lovely food stalls of the Ferry Building now stand where roustabouts and stevedores once struggled for work and love.