Sedge presents a superb program from May 6, 1995, with clarion voices and timeless and timely insights - the first broadcast in 21 years. - Requested by a listener, Sarah, who wrote last week to explain why she wanted to hear it:  "At a pinnacle of the song, [Cynthia Green] sang a sustained high note and Clemons nodded his head and silently applauded her, his eyebrows raised to the sky....Their perforrmance has played over and over in my mind ever since then.  These were my most favorite WCL moments of all time."  The rest of the show is pretty darn outstanding, too. From the Cowell Theatre

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Clarence Clemons (The Big Sax Man from Bruce's "E" Street Band) and his Red Bank Rockers wtih Cynthia Green, vocal

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Alistair Cooke, BBC presenter of Letter from America, host of "America", "Masterpiece Theater", author

Image result for lucy kaplanskyLucy Kaplansky, recovering therapist and renowned folk singer

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Thomas Keneally. author of "Schindler's List (Ark)" and acclaimed Australian novelist, on writing about concentration camps while looking out at the strapping lads and lasses on Sydney's Bondi Beach.

Frida Kahlo, the wit of the Guerrilla Girls, art activists and provacateussesImage result for Guerrilla GirlsImage result for Guerrilla Girls Frida

Mike Greensill, piano